SPARTA Biodiscovery

May 30th 2024

SPARTA Biodiscovery: From lab setup to commercial product

OEM and custom solutions

Queensgate products: NPS-XY-100A Super Invar Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stage, NPS-X-28C Titanium Ultra Fast 28 Micron Stage, NPS-X-15A, NPS-XY-100D Aluminum Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stage

Mar 15th 2024

Choosing nanopositioning stages and systems: How materials and environment affect precision


A close-up image of paramecium caudatum

Jan 24th 2024

Transmitted Polarized Light Microscopy, Phase Contrast and DIC with the PureFocus850 

PureFocus 850

Jan 10th 2024

Life Science Microscopy with the PureFocus850 

PureFocus 850

SL160 Slide Loader

Oct 25th 2023

What is the SL160 Slide Loader?

Microscope automationOEM and custom solutions

Queensgate NanoScan SP400 sample positioner on inverted microscope

Oct 17th 2023

Enhance the precision of your measurements: Queensgate’s piezo sample positioners


H117 Stage with Insert

Jun 16th 2023

Prior’s robust ProScan® H117 stage ensures long-term stability for hyperspatial spectroscopy and ultrafast microscopy applications

Application notes

Jacques and Pierre Curie in a lab in 1898 - Infographic of the inverse piezoelectric effect

May 24th 2023

What is a piezo actuator?


uManager Software in use with Microscope.

May 15th 2023

Automated microscope image acquisition

Microscope automationMotorized stages

Queensgate nanopositioning stage under inspection

Mar 24th 2023

Resonant frequency and nanopositioning


fiber alignment system to allow the precise positioning of fiber optics.

Feb 27th 2023

How to specify the correct nanopositioning system