Prior Scientific OEM Solutions

From customized components for high-precision positioning through to complete scanning and imaging systems, Prior is the global development partner for many leading scientific instrumentation companies and institutions.  

Our value proposition: 

Unlike other design or product development houses, Prior Scientific completes the design and prototyping of your product at a greatly reduced cost and seamlessly transitions it to production, becoming your long-term end – to – end manufacturing partner.

As a microscope manufacturer, our expertise includes: 

  • Customized Automated Microscopes and Imaging Systems 
  • Precision Stages and XY Tables 
  • Piezo Assemblies 
  • Robotic Sample Handling 
  • Low and High Magnification Optical Assemblies 
  • Illumination 
  • Laser Autofocus 
  • Control Electronics 

Why Choose Prior Scientific as an OEM Partner for microscope automation and high-precision positioning? 

Partnering with us allows you to minimize the upfront costs of design and prototyping, enabling you to go to market with your product faster to maximize ROI.  

We work with you to design, manufacture, brand and test your system to your specifications. Because this happens under one roof, it accelerates both product development and manufacturing.  

When you choose to work with Prior, an experienced in-house design team, consisting of mechanical, optical, electronics, control and software professionals will work as part of your team to create your product. We provide regular product updates with one point of contact. Our holistic approach significantly reduces both time to market and project complexity while maximizing your ROI.  

We seamlessly match the design of your product to our manufacturing capabilities in the most efficient and effective way possible. Prior Scientific’s consultative approach builds partnerships early on to deliver your product on time and within budget. 

Complete product lifecycle management 

We manage the entire product life cycle for you and can also assist with the process of certification and accreditation.  

We adhere to stringent testing and certification standards, which are routinely updated. Our comprehensive quality management system evaluates each project first hand. Prior Scientific’s products are both ROHS and CE compliant and we are ISO 9001 certified. 

ISO-Accredited Manufacturing Sites and Assured, Reliable Supply 

Our manufacturing facilities in Cambridge (UK) and Boston (USA) are ISO:9001 accredited and total more than 50,000 square feet (approx 4600 square meters), including dedicated assembly facilities. With support offices in Europe, North America, Japan and China we guarantee a high-quality experience through your partnership with us. 

We are able to provide a reliable and consistent supply of standard or customized components and instruments to meet the needs of OEM partners of all sizes.  

Our Markets and Applications: 

  • RAMAN/FTIR spectroscopy 
  • Medical instruments 
  • Industrial 
  • Diagnostic instruments 
  • Confocal 
  • Light sheet 
  • High Throughput screening 
  • Super resolution 
  • Slide Scanning 
  • Light microscopy 
  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRF) 
  • Time lapse imagery
  • Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) 

To find out more about our OEM Solutions and Contract Manufacturing Solutions download the brochure.