Nanopositioning Applications & Markets

Queensgate has a diverse range of products that cater for many different markets, all our products offer customers a solution for the most challenging problems they face.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers maximum precision accuracy in several applications and markets including; vibration and strain, monitoring and damping, hard drive testing, semi-conductor, synchrotrons, space & astronomy and many more. These markets and applications require robust positioning systems that offer measurements of a nanometer, with repeatability and resolution. Whilst needing a reliable and incredibly accurate solution to enable much faster production times.

Below are the markets we work in and applications showcasing some of the work we have done:

Hard Disk Drive Testing and Grading

Nanopositioning hard disc testing

Rapid price erosion and vertical increases in demand for high capacity HDD devices has lead to huge demands on existing and new testing, grading and product development tools.

Semiconductor Industry

As quality and throughput demands continue to dominate the semiconductor industry, faster and more accurate scanning and measurement equipment is required.

Microscopy, SPM and AFM

Nanopositioning Microscopy Stages

Queensgate produces high quality, state of the art nanopositioning stages, for microscopy applications. XYZ systems offering the best in stability for SPM and AFM applications.

Space, Astronomy and Military

Aerospace Nanopositioning

Queensgate offers an array of nanopositioning solutions for on-board scanning and sensing equipment for space and military applications.

Metrology and Optical Inspection

Nanopositioning for metrology and poitical inspection

Analytical solutions for process and quality control where particle size and particle size distribution help characterize metals and alloys.


Nanopositioning use in synchrotrons

Nanopositioning stages and UHV positioning systems provide solutions for use under high vacuum conditions and where high precision is needed.