About Prior Scientific

For over 100 years, Prior Scientific has been manufacturing precision optical and electromechanical equipment and instrumentation.  Prior Scientific is a leader in the development of precision motion, automation, and optical systems, sub-systems, and components.  Key product lines include microscope automation equipment including high precision motorized microscope stages, automated slide and well plate loaders, Piezo nanopositioning systems, motorized filter wheels, high-speed shutters, laser autofocus systems, custom, and OEM electromechanical and optical systems. Prior Scientific’s integrated design and manufacturing facilities allow us to partner with integrators and OEMs and produce prototypes, custom-built products, and complete system solutions according to individual customer requirements for any application, including photonics, research, nanotechnology, medical devices, metrology, and semiconductor manufacturing. Prior Scientific has manufacturing bases in the UK and USA, both ISO 9001:2015 certified, and additional regional offices in Germany, Japan, and China supporting its products worldwide.

Our mission

By pushing the boundaries of automated precision systems through innovative design and manufacture, Prior Scientific enables our customers and partners to solve their problems with creative and focused solutions to generate the highest precision images, measurements, and movements possible.