Enhance the precision of your measurements: Queensgate’s piezo sample positioners

Posted in NanopositioningQueensgate Oct 17th 2023

Queensgate NanoScan SP400 sample positioner on inverted microscope

The SP series of piezo sample positioners is engineered to deliver unmatched repeatability and performance for precision positioning across many imaging applications. Their innovative design and ability to accommodate a full microtiter plate, combined with compatibility with Prior’s comprehensive range of motorized XY stages for popular microscopes, offers researchers a flexible, reliable, and repeatable sample positioning platform. Additionally, a slim profile ensures optimal illumination ensuring the highest image quality. 

Standout features of the SP series are their market-leading travel range of up to 800 μm, combined with nanometer resolution and repeatability, allowing users to generate 3D images with exceptional precision. This capability is crucial in applications such as live cell imaging, surface analysis, and wafer inspection. By using our SP series, researchers can obtain highly accurate and reliable data, enabling deeper scientific insights and breakthrough discoveries. 

Integrated with ease 

Our positioners integrate seamlessly with Prior’s motorized stages, simplifying the setup process. This enables researchers to focus more on science rather than spending valuable time configuring complex equipment. The SP series is compatible with most microscopes on the market allowing researchers the flexibility to upgrade their existing equipment. 

The SP series’ low profile of only 13.7 mm ensures minimal obstruction of illumination allowing researchers to achieve optimal imaging conditions, resulting in more reliable and accurate data collection. 

Pre-configured settings allow fast setup for many imaging techniques, while advanced user-configurable settings allow the system to be tailored for different sample sizes, weights, and performance requirements. A wide variety of robust sample holders are available to secure the sample position during stage movement. 

A graph showing 2 micron step-settle times of SP series
Settling time of the NanoScan SP400/600/800 stage with NPC-D-6110 controller including sample holder
A graph showing the SP series staircase test with a 200g load.
The NanoScan SP400/600/800’s unsurpassed speed and settle time minimizes rejected images, reduces drift and allows for higher throughput.

Unmatched control 

The NanoScan-SP series is plug-and-play compatible with the Queensgate NPC-D-6110 digital controller for ease of setup. The controller features the standard 0-10 V analog input and output required by many microscopy systems. 

Advanced digital control algorithms, including variable acceleration and deceleration profiles, enable exceptionally precise stage movement. Together with integral low-noise capacitive position sensors, this results in a fast step settle time of less than 10 ms and a quick recovery time between Z stacks, at market-leading resolutions. 


A look ahead 

Innovation is a core philosophy within Queensgate, and we are always seeking to provide new solutions to our users. The upcoming release of the SPXY & SPXYZ series shows our commitment to expanding our offering to the advanced microscopy community.  

These high-performance, fast piezo stages have market-leading travel ranges up to 600 μm in 3 axes. The large aperture coupled with long travel allows the users to capture images faster and more precisely. Like all our stages, calibration data is stored on the stage for “plug-and-play” setup making integration a seamless process. All stages have predefined, user selectable configurations optimized for different application demands, as well as the ability to save customized settling for optimal performance in the most demanding requirements. 

Learn more 

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