NanoCeramic (NC) NanoSensor series
NanoCeramic (NC) NanoSensor series

The new NanoCeramic sensor from Queensgate provides nanoscale precision in highly demanding environments

The NanoCeramic (NC) series from Queensgate offers high precision positioning in demanding applications. The sensor’s materials and construction make it suitable for use in ultra-high vacuum environments (to 10-9 Torr), in a range of temperatures from cryogenic at 80 K/193 °C up to 423 K/150 °C. 

The NC series offers measurement ranges from 20 µm to 1250 µm, with frequency responses up to 20 kHz – making it ideal for vibration monitoring and detecting noise in precision instrumentation. They ensure linearity down to 0.05% and measurement resolution as low as 7 pm (RMS) in a non-self-heating assembly and with selected designs suitable for UHV operation down to 10-9 Torr.  

 The devices are produced using military and aerospace-approved techniques to meet the exacting performance specifications required. A range of application-specific materials – including invar, stainless steel and aluminum – ensure thermal expansion is perfectly matched to the environment.  

The Institute of Physics has published a full-length article about the development and uses of the NanoCeramic Series on the Physics World Website 

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