Semiconductor metrology: positioning is key

Specialist positioning subsystems provide core building blocks in 3D surface measurement and inspection solutions for the semiconductor industry. Prior Scientific and Queensgate offer a diversified portfolio of enabling technologies to underpin the high-speed, high-precision positioning requirements of 3D optical metrology systems used in semiconductor manufacturing and applied R&D. Physics World talked to Queensgate product manager Craig […]

Queensgate awarded funding for fourth research project with NPL

Queensgate, a brand of Prior Scientific, has won funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, for a fourth nanopositioning research project as part of Analysis for Innovators (A4I) program (Round 11). This will be the fourth project Queensgate has won funding for through A4I, and once again, they will be working with the dimensional […]

新的ISO认证表明了Prior Scientific对改善环境实践的承诺

Prior Scientific现已通过ISO环境(14001:2015)和健康与安全(45001:2018)认证。Prior已通过质量管理体系认证(9001:2015),并已成功更新。 新的证书适用于Prior在英国Fulbourn和Paignton的工厂。 采用有效的环境管理实践,因此Prior能够减少对环境的影响,并支持我们的环境和社会治理(ESG)计划。 健康与安全管理侧重于识别和控制工作危害和潜在紧急情况的措施。其中还包括运行职业健康计划以及对员工的培训和支持。 Prior的质量管理认证表明了公司对质量的承诺,包括以客户为中心、稳健的流程和持续改进的实践,包括精益六西格玛。 “ISO标准确保我们提供的产品和服务能够达到一定的标准。这是我们的声誉、客户满意度以及我们最终成功的基石,”Prior首席执行官Tom Freda说。


作为Innovate UK创新分析(A4I)计划的一部分,Queensgate一直与国家物理实验室(NPL)的尺寸纳米计量专家合作开展多个项目。第一种方法研究了多轴纳米定位阶段的寄生运动/离轴误差,因此开发了一种独特而实用的校正方法。 在《物理世界》发表的一篇新文章中,国家物理实验室(NPL)维度纳米计量团队负责人Andrew Yacoot讨论了这项研究是如何为Queensgate和NPL带来好处的。 在此处下载文章。  

Queensgate to partner with NPL on third A4I-funded research project

Queensgate, the nanopositioning expert, has won funding in round 8 of Innovate UK’s Analysis for Innovation (A4I) program. This is their third successful application in the initiative. A4I gives UK businesses access to cutting-edge facilities and world-class scientific expertise to solve problems they are unable to do with standard technologies and techniques. For this project, […]

Meet DESI XS – MS imaging Case Study

Prior Scientific is known for developing and manufacturing cutting-edge microscope automation, working with OEMs and start-ups to help bring their concepts to market. Waters, a market leader in mass spectrometry imaging systems, aimed to offer their customers an enhanced imaging solution that is not only reliable and fast but also durable and user-friendly. This case […]


视频案例研究:Prior和NPL合作进行3D空间定位校正 来自Innovate UK创新者分析(A4I)计划的一项新视频案例研究探讨了Prior Scientific与英国国家物理实验室(NPL)的合作,通过设计3D空间校正算法,来提高远程Queensgate纳米定位平台的准确性。 Prior获得了A4I的资助,与NPL合作,使其能够使用NPL的专业3D测量设备并具备数据分析能力。 您可以在此处观看案例研究视频 或阅读有关该项目的完整论文:多轴纳米定位平台的空间定位校正 A4I是一项能够为任何规模的英国企业提供尖端研发专业知识和设施的计划,以帮助客户解决标准技术无法攻克的难题。这可能与产品可靠性、成本或产品寿命有关。 NPL指的是英国国家计量研究所(NMI)。除了与世界各地的其他NMI合作维护国际测量系统外,还致力于确保英国公司能够开发和部署新技术,新产品和新工艺。  

24-hour gaming challenge set to raise £1000 for rare cancer charity

Prior Scientific’s Supply Chain Manager, Peter Hall, is undertaking a 24-hour gaming challenge to raise £1000 for two charities: the AMMF and UK Sepsis Trust. Remarkably, this will bring the total that Peter has helped raise for the two charities to almost £10,000. Peter began to raise money for the two charities in memory of […]

The new NanoCeramic sensor from Queensgate provides nanoscale precision in highly demanding environments

The NanoCeramic (NC) series from Queensgate offers high precision positioning in demanding applications. The sensor’s materials and construction make it suitable for use in ultra-high vacuum environments (to 10-9 Torr), in a range of temperatures from cryogenic at 80 K/193 °C up to 423 K/150 °C.  The NC series offers measurement ranges from 20 µm to 1250 µm, with frequency […]

NPL and Queensgate collaboration improves spatial correction for multi-axis nanopositioning

New research paper available As part of the Analysis for Innovators program round 6, Queensgate, in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), were awarded funding for a project to investigate parasitic motion/off-axis errors in multi-axis nanopositioning stages, and develop a unique and practical correction methodology. All moving systems have a certain amount of unwanted […]

Prior Scientific Food Donation at Jimmy’s

Prior Scientific wanted to support our local community, and one of our employees thought a food donation at Jimmy’s homeless shelter in Cambridge would be amazing, as Christmas is a time of giving and they would be very grateful. To find out how we helped and how you can also get involved click on the article