Queensgate awarded funding for fourth research project with NPL

Queensgate, a brand of Prior Scientific, has won funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, for a fourth nanopositioning research project as part of Analysis for Innovators (A4I) program (Round 11).

This will be the fourth project Queensgate has won funding for through A4I, and once again, they will be working with the dimensional nano and sub-nano-metrology team at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). This project will qualify the performance of Queensgate’s velocity control and special correction capabilities when applied to multi-directional motion profiles.

As Queensgate’s product manager, Craig Goodman, explained, ‘Our aim is to provide improved performance for atomic force microscopy, nanolithography and fast optical alignment systems.’

Queensgate has already developed a number of unique capabilities such as velocity control and spatial correction which allow very high-speed raster scanning with high precision. This project will help the company to refine these capabilities further.

Previous projects that Queensgate has partnered with NPL on include Spatial positioning correction for multi-axis nanopositioning stages; Improved linearization of single-axis piezo nanopositioning stages; and developing a mathematical model for multi-axis control.

Innovate UK has released a case study video about the first, completed, project:

Improving micron scale accuracy