Food Donation at Jimmy's Cambridge
Food Donation at Jimmy's Cambridge

Prior Scientific Food Donation at Jimmy’s

Prior Scientific Food Donation and Collection for Jimmy’s

For over 20 years, Jimmy’s has been providing help for the homeless in Cambridge. One of our employees, Mal Saunders, put forward the idea of supporting this charity through a Prior food donation, “I really wanted to help make the best possible Christmas for the local homeless and vulnerably housed members of our community, through goods and food, with the donation made more effective through the charitable Jimmy’s, who do an amazing job for the area”.

As you can see below Prior Scientific has come together to support this cause. The company got it started through buying £50’s worth of the essentials to help support the night shelter, that delivers 24/7 emergency accommodation. Prior have had lots of donations, which shows our spirit for helping others and we will continue to do so, supporting the area’s community especially over this winter period.

Mal will be delivering Prior food donation on Sunday the 22nd December, just in time for Christmas, on behalf of Prior Scientific and we know this will go a long way for the people at Jimmy’s night shelter.

If you would like to make any donations yourself or would like some further reading of the charity’s ethos and future plans than head over to

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