Prior Scientific OEM Solutions

Prior offer several OEM solutions to the most challenging precision positioning devices, optical systems, automation solutions, and components. With over 99 years experience and engineering excellence Prior is the global leader for many leading scientific instrumentation companies and research institutions.

Our Capabilities and Expertise

  • Precision Stages and XY Tables
  • Customized Automated microscopes
  • Piezo Assemblies
  • Robotic Sample Handling
  • Low and High Magnification Optical Assemblies
  • Illumination
  • Laser Autofocus
  • Control Electronics


  • 最大限度减少设计和样机研制的前期投入
  • 最大化您的投资回报率(ROI)
  • 不同于竞争关系
  • 久经考验的长期合作伙伴关系