Queensgate to partner with NPL on third A4I-funded research project

Queensgate, the nanopositioning expert, has won funding in round 8 of Innovate UK’s Analysis for Innovation (A4I) program. This is their third successful application in the initiative. A4I gives UK businesses access to cutting-edge facilities and world-class scientific expertise to solve problems they are unable to do with standard technologies and techniques. For this project, […]


视频案例研究:Prior和NPL合作进行3D空间定位校正 来自Innovate UK创新者分析(A4I)计划的一项新视频案例研究探讨了Prior Scientific与英国国家物理实验室(NPL)的合作,通过设计3D空间校正算法,来提高远程Queensgate纳米定位平台的准确性。 Prior获得了A4I的资助,与NPL合作,使其能够使用NPL的专业3D测量设备并具备数据分析能力。 您可以在此处观看案例研究视频 或阅读有关该项目的完整论文:多轴纳米定位平台的空间定位校正 A4I是一项能够为任何规模的英国企业提供尖端研发专业知识和设施的计划,以帮助客户解决标准技术无法攻克的难题。这可能与产品可靠性、成本或产品寿命有关。 NPL指的是英国国家计量研究所(NMI)。除了与世界各地的其他NMI合作维护国际测量系统外,还致力于确保英国公司能够开发和部署新技术,新产品和新工艺。  


纳米定位专家Queensgate宣布推出NanoScan OP800压电物镜扫描仪。 其独特的机械设计与集成电容式反馈传感器相结合,为用户提供了市场领先的定位精度,而其刚性结构可实现标准可选的调谐预设,适用于150 g到500 g的一系列物镜。因此产品在生命科学和工业的广泛应用中具有极高的通用性。 OP800的闭环行程范围为800 μm,便于在压电聚焦范围内操作,无需调整样品。产品可完成更深的Z-stacks:是多光子成像技术的理想选择。上电后的自动校准功能会自动补 上电后的自动校准功能会自动补偿行程,以校正负载和环境变化,从而保持完整的800 μm行程。 OP800采用弯曲导向和内置电容位置反馈技术,可进行高线性运动,具有市场领先的5nm重复精度,确保了多个 Z stack的一致性。微小的角运动误差有助于产品在整个视野内保持对焦。 产品的快速捕获图像的能力得益于较短的步进稳定时间。匀速模式下,平台快速精准的加速到制定速度,可实现长行程的快速stack获取。这比传统的位置控制速度快几倍。 与标准的Queensgate平台一样,OP800即插即用,无需匹配控制器。数字和模拟接口易于设置,而低噪声、高功率数字电子器件可实现快速步进。OP800适用于生命科学、材料和半导体应用,如光学切片、表面分析、晶圆检测和扫描干涉测量。

NPL and Queensgate collaboration improves spatial correction for multi-axis nanopositioning

New research paper available As part of the Analysis for Innovators program round 6, Queensgate, in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), were awarded funding for a project to investigate parasitic motion/off-axis errors in multi-axis nanopositioning stages, and develop a unique and practical correction methodology. All moving systems have a certain amount of unwanted […]

The new NanoScan OP400 objective positioner

The new NanoScan OP400 objective positioner from Queensgate Instruments provides high speed, high accuracy and repeatable Z stacking. It is compatible with most microscopes and objective lenses

Queensgate Instruments 40 year anniversary

This year makes the 40th anniversary of Queensgate instruments since its founding in 1979, today the company continues to manufacture high precision nanopositioning devices.

Prior Scientific宣布在中国新开设办事处

Prior Scientific今天宣布在中国苏州开设的新办事处正式开始运营。作为设计并制造精密定位设备、光学系统、自动化解决方案和组件的世界领先企业,Prior Scientific将为中国市场提供本地化的销售和技术支持业务。

首席执行官Tom Freda表示:“新办事处在中国的开业标志着Prior令人骄傲的历史中的又一个里程碑。这个新办事处将使我们能够在中国地区开展业务,让我们可以更加密切地支持我们的客户。“

Queensgate Instruments has been acquired by Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd

Prior Scientific Instruments are global leaders in delivering high precision motorized stages, microscope automation products and specialty opto-mechanical automation systems. Queensgate instruments designs and produces leading performance nano positioning and measurement systems used in a wide range of applications from atomic force microscopy, hard disc testing, lithography and metrology. Both companies have significant experience delivering customised solutions […]

NPL Poster: Performance verification of a dual sensor stage

Abstract: The current trend for nanopositioning with increased speed has led to the development by Queensgate of a dual sensor system for servo control of single axis displacement stages. The stage and control system is currently being evaluated using optical interferometry developed at the National Physical Laboratory. Preliminary results show the performance of the optical interferometer […]