Queensgate - Innovation in Nanopositioning

Mobile Servicing System (MSS) or Canadarm 2 with Queensgate Nanopositioning Device

Queensgate Nano was founded in 1979 and span out from a ground-breaking research programme at Imperial College, London.

Queensgate quite literally “wrote the book” on Nanopositioning, taking the idea from the lab to a cynical world who believed it couldn’t be done with the required level of accuracy. The book “The Nano Positioning Book” by Thomas Hicks defined the need for stringent use of words such as “precision” and “accuracy” and these definitions are still upheld today as the only way to describe the performance of Nanopositioning systems. Early products amazed the scientific and industrial world as Queensgate Instruments proved that not only was it capable of applying its thought leading research into real products, but that the products themselves could play a huge part in the development of industries including Bio Technology, Medicine, Astronomy, Aerospace, Semi-conductors, Mass Computer Storage Devices and Optics. Today Queensgate are leaders in state-of-the-art Nanopositioning solutions, providing bespoke products to meet customer requirements. Queensgate research and development is based in Cambridge, UK, where our teams of engineers develop the next generation of world leading products.