ProScan® – Linear Motor Stage – Ultra High Precision Microscope Automation

High precision microscope automation for typical applications: Live Cell Imaging


High precision microscope automation is ideal for live cell imaging, the  linear motor stage (HLD117##) offers smooth and precise movement in the XY, while the piezo focusing stage (NZ400) provides fast, precise control of sample focus for Z stacking.

The Lumen 200 gives high quality fluorescence capability across a range of fluorophores. The filter wheels, shutters, stage, brightfield and focus motor are all controlled via the ProScan III®, allowing advanced live cell imaging techniques and long term, walk away experiments.

Download the ProScan III High Precision Microscope Automation Brochure Here

“As an important part of the suite, the stage is expected to be smooth, fast, have high repeatability and low noise during an experiment. It should also have a large travel range and flexible sample holding options to cope with dishes, wellplates, chambers and glass slices…The repeatability in multiple field-of-view revisiting within a 3 mm diameter range were less than 50nm, good enough for our application (the resolution of measurements were limited by the detection camera and the objective used)” 

-Dr Yan Gu, University of Sussex