CS200 Series Joysticks

Prior Scientific’s CS200 series controls are ergonomically designed according to customer feedback to ensure comfortable operation. Depending on your application, the Prior Scientific CS200XY joystick and CS200Z Z-axis controller can be used together or individually.

The CS200Z and CS200XY have a speed control button located on the side of the unit. Separate units enable control focussing and stage simultaneously, making the microscope work faster with less user fatigue. 

The easy-to-use TS200 touchscreen and control software is built on a large Windows touchscreen tablet. The intuitive software allows full control of all Prior Scientific products and can be used to configure  product parameters to a specific application

CS200XY Joystick control unit
CS200Z Focus control unit
TS200 Touchscreen control center
  • X, Y, and Z control
  • Compatible with ProScan and OptiScan controllers
  • Toggle buttons allow for 25%, 50% or 100% of set speed adjustment


CS200 Series Joysticks Datasheet