Prior’s OpenStand Inverted Previews at FOM 2023

We will be showcasing our capabilities for various microscopy techniques at the Focus on Microscopy 2023 (FOM2023) conference in Porto, Portugal this April.

Visitors to the event will be among the first to see our motorized modular microscope platform, OpenStand Inverted. The OpenStand Inverted is suitable for a range of applications in life and materials sciences.

Like the upright model, OpenStand Inverted enables anyone developing new imaging techniques, automation or software to quickly and easily build a platform exactly tailored to their needs. It’s a working platform that has successfully formed the basis of many successful OEM products and has allowed many others to quickly start developing their applications.

Because of its complete flexibility, the OpenStand can be used with a wide range of microscopy techniques including confocal, multiphoton and fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM).

The NanoScan SP400/600/800 Piezo Sample Positioner from Queensgate offers an accuracy of up to 0.7 nm, with a range up to 800 µm, and, like many Queensgate products, is compatible with OpenStand. It’s suitable for a range of life science and industrial applications including live cell imaging, high content screening, surface analysis and silicon wafer inspection.

FOM2023 will be the latest event in a long-standing series devoted to the latest innovations and developments in optical microscopy and their applications in life sciences and materials science. The conference runs from April 2 to April 5, 2023.