Semiconductor metrology: positioning is key

Specialist positioning subsystems provide core building blocks in 3D surface measurement and inspection solutions for the semiconductor industry. Prior Scientific and Queensgate offer a diversified portfolio of enabling technologies to underpin the high-speed, high-precision positioning requirements of 3D optical metrology systems used in semiconductor manufacturing and applied R&D. Physics World talked to Queensgate product manager Craig […]

Queensgate awarded funding for fourth research project with NPL

Queensgate, a brand of Prior Scientific, has won funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, for a fourth nanopositioning research project as part of Analysis for Innovators (A4I) program (Round 11). This will be the fourth project Queensgate has won funding for through A4I, and once again, they will be working with the dimensional […]

New ISO certifications demonstrate Prior Scientific’s commitment to improved environmental practices

Prior Scientific is now certified to ISO Environment (14001:2015) and Health & Safety (45001:2018). The company already has Quality Management (9001:2015) which has been successfully renewed. The new certificates apply to Prior’s manufacturing locations in Fulbourn and Paignton in the UK. Adopting effective environment management practices will enable Prior to reduce its environmental impact and […]

Was ist das Erfolgsrezept für die Qualitätssicherung in der Nanopositionierung?

Queensgate und Prior treiben die Grenzen der Nanopositionierung seit Jahrzehnten voran und sind bestrebt, unseren Kunden die höchstmögliche Qualitätssicherung zu bieten. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit dem National Physical Laboratory (NPL) und den Erhalt von Fördermitteln aus dem Programm Analysis for Innovators (A4I) von Innovate UK konnten wir die Art und das Ausmaß parasitärer (achsfremder) Wahrnehmungsfehler […]

Queensgate kooperiert mit NPL bei drittem A4I-finanzierten Forschungsprojekt

Der Nanopositionierungsexperte Queensgate hat in Runde 8 des Programms “Analysis for Innovation” (A4I) von Innovate UK eine Finanzierung erhalten. Dies ist der dritte erfolgreiche Antrag im Rahmen dieser Initiative. A4I ermöglicht britischen Unternehmen den Zugang zu hochmodernen Einrichtungen von Weltrang und wissenschaftlichem Fachwissen, um Probleme zu lösen, die sie mit Standardtechnologien und -verfahren nicht lösen […]

Meet DESI XS – MS imaging Case Study

Prior Scientific is known for developing and manufacturing cutting-edge microscope automation, working with OEMs and start-ups to help bring their concepts to market. Waters, a market leader in mass spectrometry imaging systems, aimed to offer their customers an enhanced imaging solution that is not only reliable and fast but also durable and user-friendly. This case […]

Prior und NPL arbeiten gemeinsam an 3D-Positionskorrektur

Video-Fallstudie: Prior und NPL arbeiten gemeinsam an räumlicher 3D-Positionskorrektur Eine neue Video-Fallstudie des Programms Analysis for Innovators (A4I) von Innovate UK beleuchtet die Zusammenarbeit von Prior Scientific mit dem britischen National Physical Laboratory (NPL) bei der Entwicklung räumlicher 3D-Korrekturalgorithmen zur Erhöhung der Genauigkeit der Nanopositioniertische mit großem Verfahrweg von Queensgate. Prior Scientific erhielt von A4I […]

24-hour gaming challenge set to raise £1000 for rare cancer charity

Prior Scientific’s Supply Chain Manager, Peter Hall, is undertaking a 24-hour gaming challenge to raise £1000 for two charities: the AMMF and UK Sepsis Trust. Remarkably, this will bring the total that Peter has helped raise for the two charities to almost £10,000. Peter began to raise money for the two charities in memory of […]

The new NanoCeramic sensor from Queensgate provides nanoscale precision in highly demanding environments

The NanoCeramic (NC) series from Queensgate offers high precision positioning in demanding applications. The sensor’s materials and construction make it suitable for use in ultra-high vacuum environments (to 10-9 Torr), in a range of temperatures from cryogenic at 80 K/193 °C up to 423 K/150 °C.  The NC series offers measurement ranges from 20 µm to 1250 µm, with frequency […]

NPL and Queensgate collaboration improves spatial correction for multi-axis nanopositioning

New research paper available As part of the Analysis for Innovators program round 6, Queensgate, in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), were awarded funding for a project to investigate parasitic motion/off-axis errors in multi-axis nanopositioning stages, and develop a unique and practical correction methodology. All moving systems have a certain amount of unwanted […]

Prior Scientific Food Donation at Jimmy’s

Prior Scientific wanted to support our local community, and one of our employees thought a food donation at Jimmy’s homeless shelter in Cambridge would be amazing, as Christmas is a time of giving and they would be very grateful. To find out how we helped and how you can also get involved click on the article