Queensgate products: NPS-XY-100A Super Invar Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stage, NPS-X-28C Titanium Ultra Fast 28 Micron Stage, NPS-X-15A, NPS-XY-100D Aluminum Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stage

Mar 15th 2024

Choosing nanopositioning stages and systems: How materials and environment affect precision


Queensgate NanoScan SP400 sample positioner on inverted microscope

Oct 17th 2023

Enhance the precision of your measurements: Queensgate’s piezo sample positioners


Jacques and Pierre Curie in a lab in 1898 - Infographic of the inverse piezoelectric effect

May 24th 2023

What is a piezo actuator?


Queensgate nanopositioning stage under inspection

Mar 24th 2023

Resonant frequency and nanopositioning


Queensgate Applications

Jan 31st 2022

Applications that need high-performance nanopositioning


Five Products to Enhance Your Microscopy Work

Jul 29th 2021

Five Products to Enhance Your Microscopy Work

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Queensgate – Innovation in Nanopositioning

Mar 2nd 2021

Queensgate – Innovation in Nanopositioning


Nanopositioning for microscopy

Nov 18th 2020

Queensgate: Leading Performance Nanopositioning for Microscopy

Microscope automationNanopositioningQueensgate

Beamline solutions

Nov 2nd 2020

Nanopositioning Systems and Capacitive Sensors with Extreme Reliability for Beamline Applications

Beamline applicationsNanopositioningQueensgate