Applications that need high-performance nanopositioning

Posted in NanopositioningQueensgate Jan 31st 2022

You can find nanopositioning systems in high precision applications that move samples on the nanometer or sub-nanometer scale. Queensgate is an expert in high performance, high speed nanopositioning. The company has been driving innovation in nanopositioning for over 40 years. Queensgate systems are used in microscopy, metrology, semiconductor testing, hard disk testing, wafer inspection, beam steering, photonics alignment, and imaging techniques such as atomic force microscopy and live-cell imaging. System reliability is essential for production testing and in challenging environments such as synchrotron beamlines or space. Queensgate products can help customers meet the demands of high speed and high precision applications.

No need to compromise on speed or resolution in demanding microscopy imaging

NanoScan OP400 Nanopositioning Piezo Objective Positioner and NanoScan SP400/SP600 Nanopositioning Piezo Sample Scanner use Queensgate’s digital controllers, which enable performance usually only achieved with shorter range stages. Long ranges and fast scanning times benefit multiphoton microscopy techniques like live-cell imaging.

High-speed, high-resolution imaging for atomic-force microscopy (AFM) systems

Queensgate worked with NPL to evaluate velocity control using the QGNPS-XY-100 high performance XY stage for high speed AFM. The results were outstanding and showed reliable capture of large-area, high-quality AFM images with nanometre spatial resolution. Image capture took minutes rather than hours or days with raster scan speeds ranging from 0.5 mm/s up to 4 mm/s.

Industrial solutions for demanding testing environments

Queensgate’s products are found in high throughput industrial testing such as hard disk testing. The application needs angstrom level measurements; the highest precision and speed are critical as one million read/write heads are tested each day. Queensgate worked with the customer to deliver a custom solution, designing stages and optimizing control electronics to meet the highest performance.

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