Nanopositioning Stages

Queensgate nanopositioning stages, offer bespoke solutions for our customers and their challenges.

Closed loop piezo actuated stages. Standard stage materials are as listed in datasheets, alternative materials are available, including Super Invar, stainless steel, titanium and aluminium. Options include vacuum, radiation, high temperature compatibility. Custom designs also available on request.

Available in linear or tilting/rotational formats with both single and multi-axis configurations, Queensgate’s Nanopositioning Stages utilise high performance piezo actuation combined with Queensgates renowned capacitance position feedback to provide complete high performance closed loop systems. When specified with closed loop digital controller, complete plug and play interchangeability can be achieved.

QUE4-NPS-X-15A Low Profile Fast 15 Micron Stage Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stage High Performance Nanopositioning Tip Tilt Stage
QGNPS-X-15A Low Profile Fast 15 Micron Stage QGNPS-XY-100 Series Two Axis
100µm x 100µm Stages
QGNPS-TG-7A High Performance
Tip Tilt Stage