Introducing The Lumen 100-LED Fluorescence Illumination System

The new Lumen 100-LED illuminator provides advanced, high quality illumination for a wide range of fluorescence microscopy applications. With a 25,000 hour lifetime, the Lumen 100-LED offers a broad array of LED’s covering wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum and is suitable for the majority of fluorophores used in fluorescence applications.  A wide range of adapters are available to connect the Lumen 100-LED to most upright and inverted microscopes currently on the market. Directly coupled to the fluorescence port to maximize light efficiency, the unit can be further enhanced by the addition of excitation filters to LEDs to further optimize the bandwidth for your specific application.  Engineered to completely eliminate power to the LED when set to zero light level, the Lumen 100 is ideally suited for electrophysiology and optogenetics as well as general fluorescence imaging applications.A combiner is available if two LEDs need to be used simultaneously. The Lumen 100-LED’s innovative design allows for precise intensity control in 1% increments. Unlike traditional methods of illumination, bulb replacement and bulb alignment are no longer required for imaging and the unit offers increased energy efficiency over other modes of illumination by switching on and off instantly without the need for a warming up or cooling down period. The Lumen 100-LED is vibration free, which allows for more accurate data capture and with minimal heat production the illuminator preserves the condition of valuable specimens.

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