Priors Chariots of Fire 2018 Teams
Priors Chariots of Fire 2018 Teams

Prior Scientific Chariots of Fire 2018 Update

With the sun shining and a turn out of more than 1,750 people it was the perfect day for racing in this years Chariots of Fire 2018.

The event has been running for over 25 years and raised over £1 million, originally starting out with 27 teams but at this years event there was over 300 teams. The money raised at this years event going to the High Sheriffs Award Fund.

Prior’s two teams set out to see which one could finish ahead of the other. Prior A had the better day of the two teams recording a time of 01:33:40, Prior B finishing behind them with a time of 01:35:24. But neither team could catch this years winners who recorded a time of 00:57:22.

Well done to both teams, who will come back again for next years event!

                    Team A                                                                                      Team B

                     144                                                                                              145

1                   Richard Foster                                                                               Martin Goodenough

2                   Emilia Rudz                                                                                    Dave Albiston

3                   Wayne Douglas                                                                             Sophie Warburton

4                   Caroline Chapman                                                                       Stuart Jarvis

5                   Steve Robertson                                                                            Danielle Fisk

6                   Rob Haggart                                                                                   Dave Burkin

Position    249th                                                                                                255th

Time           01:33:40                                                                                           01:35:24