New Microscope Automation Guides Available Now!

We’ve updated our popular microscope automation guides for Nikon and Evident/Olympus Microscopes.  

These comprehensive guides feature system charts showing the compatibility of Prior’s components with the most widely-used microscopes from both brands. The guides include current models as well as some earlier generations that are still commonly used. 

These guides are an invaluable starting point for anyone wanting to upgrade an imaging system, motorize a manual microscope or adapt a microscope for a different imaging technique. With budgets being squeezed ever tighter, getting the maximum performance from existing or legacy equipment is the smart choice.  

Download the guides here: 

Nikon Automation Guide

Evident/Olympus Automation Guide

If your microscope model or brand isn’t listed, please contact us. We have hundreds of off-the-shelf components compatible with Leica, Zeiss and many other brands. We also offer a component customization service.  

Why choose Prior for microscope automation? 

We have over 100 years of experience in manufacturing microscopy and imaging equipment. Our extensive catalog of precision automation components is suitable for all light microscopy techniques on upright or inverted microscopes. 

We offer: 

  • High-precision XY microscope stages for any application, with nanometer positioning accuracy and repeatability, up to 300mm travel, high velocity and linear encoding options available, underpinned by patented positioning technology
  • XYZ translation stages for electrophysiology applications. 
  • Laser autofocus: hardware autofocus systems for increased accuracy in high-throughput imaging or time-lapse experiments.  
  • High-performance Queensgate nanopositioning stages and objective positioners, with market leading travel ranges, resolutions  and movement speeds.   
  • Sample holders for inverted and upright microscopes suiting industrial and life science applications. 
  • High speed filter wheels and shutters for fast multichannel fluorescence microscopy. 
  • Illumination for Fluorescence microscopy.  
  • Motorized focus add-on modules for many manual microscopes.
  • Robotic sample handling for high-throughput screening applications with inverted or upright microscopes.