NanoScan SP400/SP600
NanoScan SP400/SP600

High accuracy sample positioner now offers up to 800 µm travel

Queensgate’s NanoScan SP800 nanopositioning sample scanner offers high-accuracy positioning performance for longer ranges.

Queensgate has added a new model to its range of piezo-driven sample positioners. The SP800 offers 800 µm of travel (closed loop) with a resolution of 1.2 nm and a step settle time of under 10 ms. It can cope with up to 500 g loads, with higher load capacity available on request.

As with the SP400 and SP600 models, the SP800 is compatible with all Prior Scientific motorized microscope stages and components as well as other leading microscope brands.

Coupled with the Queensgate NPC-D-6110 digital controller, the system is easy to use and quick to set up using standard 0-10 V analog input and output. The digital control technology features variable acceleration/deceleration algorithms which allow exceptionally fine control of stage movements. Thanks to this, the NanoScan SP400/SP600/SP800 has the fastest step settle and recovery time between Z stacks to offer market-leading resolution.

The SP800 has a slim profile to enable easy access for illumination of the sample area. A wide variety of sample insert plates are available, including full microtiter plates, making it suitable for a range of applications in life sciences and materials:

  • Optical sectioning producing 3D images
  • Live cell imaging
  • Autofocus systems for time-lapse imaging
  • High content screening
  • Surface analysis
  • Wafer inspection

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