Introducing the LDB100F Brightfield LED Illumination System

Prior Scientific is proud to announce the latest addition to their wide range of illumination products for microscopy – the new LDB100F Brightfield LED. The LDB100F with 550 nanometer filter in the light path eliminates any background fluorescence. The LDB100F illuminator provides all the advantages of LED illumination in a flexible package that can be fitted to most modern upright and inverted microscope systems.

Brightfield LDB100F features:

• 10,000+ hours of operating lifetime

• <140 microseconds on/off speed using TTL • LED simply replaces the standard lamphouse • Internal flip in blocking filter (550 nm LP) • Eliminates the need for transmitted light shutter • Small controller for intensity control and on/off control • Filter in for fluorescence applications eliminating unwanted background fluorescence • Filter out for brightfield applications, full spectrum • Higher power for phase contrast and DIC • Even and constant color temperature illumination • Powered via Prior ProScan/OptiScan or via stand alone power supply • Compatible with Nikon Elements Download datasheet