Electrophysiology Platform with Manual XY Stage

Drawings and Documents

Prior Scientific’s patent pending Manual XY Stage ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform enables users to manually adjust the sample XY position with zero electrical noise via X and Y axis knobs. Additionally, the manual XY Stage ZDeck provides users with an ultra stable platform with the flexibility to quickly adjust height for different requirements.

ZDeck travel: 60mm
Vibration table compatibility: 1/4- 20 or 6mm
XY travel: 65mm x 65mm
Spacers provided: 1 condenser, 4 pillar spacers
• Fully locking pneumatic piston towers which make raising and lowering the ZDeck virtually effortless while maintaining stability.
• No tools are required to adjust the height.
• Change between thin sample and whole animal imaging height in seconds.
• Oversized top surface for mounting additional micromanipulators and stereotaxic instruments.
• Large sample area for mounting existing, heating, cooling, perfusion and incubation chambers.