IX3 Breadboard and Filter Wheel for Olympus IX3 Inverted Microscope Systems

Drawings and Documents

Taking full advantage of the open access to the light path on the IX3, the IX Breadboard and HF108IX3 filter wheel module can be mounted and removed with ease. The IX Breadboard and HF108IX3 filter wheel combination is compatible with the IX3-ZDC module. Available as a separate part, the HP1719 Breadboard allows researchers to mount and insert any number of custom optics into the IX3 light path to create their own unique system. The combination of the IX Breadboard, HP1719, and the modified HF108 Filter wheel, HF108IX3, provide a compact easy to install high speed filter wheel option. Having the filter wheel mounted below the nosepiece allows the user to not only switch between wavelengths at high speed, but also to see the fluorescent images through the eyepieces of the IX3 microscope as well as the camera. The HF108IX3 Filter wheel accommodates up to eight 32 mm diameter filters. The use of 32mm filters completely fills the field of view in the eyepieces and large chip cameras.

• Capacity of eight 32mm diameter filters
• Breadboard pattern on HP1719 allows for mounting of custom optics
• Compatible with ProScan®  controllers
• Drivers available for cellSens and Metamorph software packages