108 x 108 mm travel stepper motor industrial XY stage

The HT1111LC ProScan™ Solid Frame Stage is designed for upright microscopes and hardness testers. The HT1111LC has a travel range of 108mm x 108mm, repeatability of 1.5 microns and a weight capacity of up to 100kg and an impressive 20 nanometer resolution when used with a Prior Scientific ProScan controller.

For a truly versatile platform for those heavy duty applications, Prior also offers the HT11300KTNL Heavy Duty XY Translation Stage which includes an HT1111LC ProScan stage along with a 600mm x 600mm M6 tapped breadboard top plate. The HT11300KTNL is fully compatible with the Neurotar Mobile HomeCage Large.

  • Externally adjustable limit switches
  • Solid frame design
  • 1.5 micron repeatability
  • Compatible with Prior standard sample holder inserts


HT1111LC_NB Stage Datasheet


HT1111LC IGES Model