Heavy Duty High Precision Motorized XYZ Deck

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Prior Scientific’s new motorized XYZ Deck is the next generation of the Deck series by Prior. As a natural evolution from the original Z Deck, the new XYZ Deck is purposely designed to match the increased size and versatility of the latest generation of 2P/3P/Multiphoton/Confocal microscopy systems utilizing all the potential of the added sample space and microscope power of these new microscopes. 

Sample height adjustment: 79.5mm to 410mm
Lifting capacity: 25kg for Z axis/100kg XY stage capacity
Motorized XY and Z travel: 50mm
Deck plate compatibility: 160mm x 110mm Prior sample holders
• Large removable metric breadboard decks are ideal for remote sample prep
• Sample height adjustable from 79.5mm to 410mm
• 50mm of motorized XY and Z travel
• Compatible with Queensgate Piezo Z models
• Ideal for large range of samples from whole animal invivo studies to slides and petri dishes
• 100kg XY stage capacity, 25kg Z axis lifting capacity
• Fast up/down control at the touch of a button
• Ideal for use with manipulators, probes or other sensory devices
• Includes deck plate compatible with standard 160mm x 110mm Prior sample holders
• Compatible with most imaging software via the Prior ProScan III controller