Z Axis Motorized Focusing Mount

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Motorized Linear Axis adaptable to support Prior XY stages.

The FB range of Z axis motorized stages are designed to be a flexible motorized single axis, allowing basic integration with the FB203, or providing an easy to install stand for a XY stage with the FB204 or FB205 with an offset base (FB206 for transmitted light). The FB range can be controlled from most Prior controllers and respond to the same software commands as Prior’s standard H122 focus motors.

The FB204, FB205 and FB206 is provided with a stand, which is designed to bolt to a optical table, and can be supplied with optional 0.1um linear encoders. All of the FB range use a 1mm ball screw and stepper motor drive system.

FB203 FB204/FB205/FB206 FB204E/FB205E/FB206E
Travel Range 38mm 38mm 38mm
Resolution 20 nanometer 20 nanometer 20 nanometer
Repeatability (Full Travel) +/- 0.7µm +/- 0.7µm +/- 0.7µm
Speed range (max load) 1 – 14mm/s 1 – 14mm/s 1 – 14mm/s
Max Load 14 Kg 14 Kg 14 Kg
Encoder No No 0.1µm linear encoder
  • 38mm travel range
  • 20nm resolution
  • +/- 0.7um Repeatability.
  • 14 kg maximum load.
  • Compatible with upright Prior stages
  • Supported by all Prior controllers