Automation Guide for Olympus Microscopes

Posted in Microscope automationMotorized stages Feb 5th 2021

Automation Guide for Olympus Microscopes

We have made a new upgrade guide for Olympus microscopes to make selecting the right components for your application easier. The extensive guide covers upright, inverted, materials and stereo microscopes, including both the latest and legacy models. Whether you are an industrial or research microscope user, looking to purchase a new system or upgrade an existing one, you will find all the information you need to automate and enhance your Olympus microscope here.

To make selecting the best equipment for your application as easy as possible, we have also included microscope-specific guidance as to the advantages of the numerous options. Each microscope has a full configuration chart displaying all the options available and information on the different categories of products available, and a schematic showing where they are fitted onto the microscope. You can find information for Olympus IX73, IX83, IX71, IX81, BX51/53, BX41/43, BX61, BX63, BX51WI, BX61WI, MX50, MX51/MX61/MX63, MX51L/MX61L/MX63L, MVX10, and SZX series microscopes.

New products in this guide include our Queensgate brand of nanopositioning stages and nosepieces, which feature top of the range performance for speed and settle time, and our PureFocus 850, a new laser autofocus covering materials and biological applications, which can be added to the majority of microscopes in this guide independently of specific software packages.

For automating an Olympus microscope, download our automation guide:


Prior Olympus Automation Guide

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