Prior’s ProScan III™ Scanning Stages now compatible with Zeiss AxioVision.

Motorised scanning stages occupy a central position in microscope automation. Apart from high repeatability and precision, smoothness of operation and long term stability are important requirements for XY stages and their control electronics. ProScan III™ scanning stages from PRIOR Scientific are among the best in the market and have a long standing reputation for quality in high end microscopy.

With the current release of the Zeiss AxioVision 4.8.2 and MicroToolBox (MTB) version 1.8.1 users of AxioVision can now select PRIOR scanning stages in combination with the ProScan III stepper motor controller. In close collaboration with Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH, new controller firmware has been developed by PRIOR to enable direct stage programming through AxioVision.

ProScan III and AxioVision compatibility is assured by installation of a stage configuration file for Windows. This file is available as a free download from the PRIOR website. Hardware components including the stage controller are automatically detected by the MTB on startup. PRIOR scanning stages and the ProScan III controller can then be selected from the hardware configuration menu providing access to a large range of stage options for different Zeiss microscopes. Tests of PRIOR stages at Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH have proven the excellent precision and stability of the ProScan III automation series.

The new solution is available through Carl Zeiss subsidiaries and dealers worldwide.

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