Prior Scientific Announces Accessories for New Nikon Ts2R Microscope

For applications requiring highly accurate and precise XY sample positioning, the Prior Scientific H117 microscope stage delivers top performance on the Nikon Ts2R over a travel range of 114 x 75 mm whilst Prior’s proprietary Intelligent Scanning Technology enables Nikon Ts2R users to further increase accuracy to 10 nm resolution with a mean repeatability of just ± 0.2 µm. Benefiting from this outstanding positioning performance and drawing upon a wide range of sample holders, the H117 stage enables Nikon Ts2R microscope users to address the widest range of applications.

To enable accurate and repeatable control over focusing on the Nikon Ts2R microscope, Prior Scientific offers the PS3H122R focus motor with a focus resolution of just 0.002 µm.

Leveraging Prior’s powerful ProScan III Control System allows Nikon Ts2R microscope users to control the entire imaging process from a single point. For users with specialist requirements the ProScan III Control System additionally gives access to the acceleration, speed and drive current, allowing customisation of system control. Using TTL outputs the system also can provide precise synchronisation of external devices such as cameras.