Improved Multi-stain Testing With The Lumen 300-LED

The Lumen 300-LED broad spectrum illumination system has an additional capability which allows the user to combine single and multi-stain testing to achieve superior results. This is not possible with other broad spectrum illuminators. While the Lumen 300-LED delivers a wide spectral outputcovering most filters sets, its intuitive manual control pod allows the user to select and adjust the intensity in three key wavebands of the excitation spectrum.  Working with these three bands, selected and set at 100% intensity, the system can be operated as a broad-spectrum ‘white’ illumination system, replacing an existing mercury or metal halide lamp. In this mode, working procedures and filter set selections remain unchanged. The three waveband control feature of the Lumen 300-LED increases the practical uses of multiband filter sets from providing only multi-colored images to allowing single fluorophore viewing as well.

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