Lumen 100
Lumen 100

Illumination range extended

Small and compact, the Lumen 100 offers powerful, precise and high quality LED illumination. Producing minimal vibration and heat, allowing the unit to be directly coupled to a microscope for maximum light transmission, the LED can be switched on, off or adjusted in intensity within milliseconds. Control via USB or the unit itself is possible.

No warming or cooling periods are required, and there is no mercury in the bulb, with the LEDs potentially lasting for tens of thousands of hours with no decline in light quality or stability during the operational lifespan of the bulb. An extensive range of LEDs are available, covering the spectrum from 365 to 660 nm in addition to one producing white light.

The LEDs and control unit are interchangeable, meaning that this unit is both versatile and excellent value, and excitation filters may be easily fitted to further optimise the bandwidth for your specific application. Finally, combiners are available to allow two wavelengths to be used simultaneously.

For more information, please see the Lumen 100 datasheet.

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