To aid researchers, Prior has introduced breadboard wings which extend the surface area of the best selling H117 stage for inverted microscopes, allowing the end user to create the exact experimental set up required. The breadboard format of these wings (M6 tapped holes with 25 mm spacing) allows the easy mounting of a wide range of accessories, greatly increasing the already impressive versatility of the H117 stage.

The H117 range of stages from Prior Scientific fit onto many inverted microscopes from Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon and Leica. With a travel range of 114 x 75 mm, a maximum speed of 60 mm, repeatability of 0.2 µm, an average metric accuracy of approximately 0.05  µm/mm and the potential to add encoders, the H117 offers fast, precise and accurate positioning of samples. The H117 stage is controlled via the ProScan® III control system, allowing the stage and other products from Prior to be controlled from the same point as all other components of the imaging system, as the ProScan III system integrates into a wide variety of imaging software.

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