Award Winning Compact Microscope Spectrometer

Prior Scientific’s new ultra compact spectrometer for microscopy applications, the LumaSpec800S provides quantitative spectral data for virtually any microscopy light source. Using an illumination target in a 3” x 1” glass slide format, the LumaSpec800S is able to check microscope illumination at the sample plane, where it matters most. The LumaSpec800S provides quantitative and graphical information from 350nm to 800nm with 1.5 nanometer resolution, providing a quick and easy tool for quantifying your illumination system. Ideal applications for the LumaSpec800S include the confirming of the performance of illumination systems with and without filters in place as well as the ability to characterise LED Illumination profiles. WINNER OF NEW PRODUCT AWARD AT SLAS MEETING IN SAN DIEGO (Jaunuary 2013) LumaSpec800S Sample of spectral output Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible 350 – 800 nanometer wavelength range 1.5 nanometer resolution Ten selectable wavelength ranges which automatically calculate spectral power