DPT-E Series Closed Loop Actuator Systems
DPT-E Series Closed Loop Actuator Systems

No compromise: precision, accuracy and speed

Choosing the right nanopositioning system for your application requires
 an understanding of the resolution, accuracy and range required, in addition to cost and reliability. Increasingly, dynamic issues dominate applications, with requirements for real-time/high- dynamic applications. Typical examples of applications include, large mirror positioning/bending, crystal rotation, grating positioning, lithography, optical disk manufacturing, and laser beam tracking or scanning.

Piezo devices

The benefits of piezo-based devices include:

Positioning increments well below 1 nm are possible
Fast response times, step settling of less than 1 ms possible
  • Maintenance-free, even with heavy usage
Option for vacuum compatibility
  • High dynamic accuracy
  • Large loading capabilities

Our latest generation of stage controllers; the 5200 Series, deliver the capability
to cover a wide range of challenging applications needing the best dynamic performance. The fast update rate of the control electronics as well as the low noise electronics deliver the capability for high accuracy positioning at speed.

Queensgate mechanisms have built in capacitive sensors which give confidence that the mechanism is positioned with precision and accuracy, as well as the ability to move to the same point with low error every time.

Our ranges of Super Invar actuators allow pushing forces up to 3500N. Capable of moving large loads of up to 60Kg each, the DPT can step settle in just a couple of thousandths of a second. They can
be incorporated into systems to deliver, high stability and precision control with typical repeatability of 0.3nm. Large built in preloads give the robustness required for many years of operation. Vacuum capability is no restriction as UHV variants are available.

Where positioning or system vibration measurements are needed our range of capacitive Nano Sensors can offer stability to a few 10’s of picometer, this allows systems to be optimised for high stability and precision. Solutions are available for ranges from 20μm to 12mm with options for UHV, radiation and cryogenic applications.

Providing solutions

Queensgate pride itself on being able to offer the best solutions for challenging applications; many of our products are optimised for customer requirements.

Rotational stages have the advantage that they can allow the reflective face to be positioned to intersect the axis of rotation. This means that the point at which the light hits the reflective face does not change significantly allowing a pure angular deflection with no offset. This advantage is more significant when thicker mirrors are required.

Tipping mechanisms developed for high speed mirror steering systems allow fast steering of mirrors with masses from 10’s to 100’s of grams. Operating over just
one degree of freedom they can be driven very quickly due to their higher resonant frequency, which in turn allow higher mechanical bandwidths of operation while still maintaining good accuracy.

Tip Tilt mechanisms are typically used 
for fast beam targeting; stages can be fitted with a variety of optics and mirrors. Each axis operates independently allowing autonomous control of each axis of motion. Flexure guidance provides frictionless, repeatable, dependable travel.

Our engineers, scientists and manufacturing experts can advise on the best use of standard products and are specialists in delivering custom systems. Products are engineered to last, with many systems in continuous operation in excess of twenty years. Queensgate offer a number of products including; flexure guided stages, closed loop actuators, nanoposition sensors as well as high quality control electronics.