Meeting the demands of positioning and sensing in UVAC environments

UVAC versions of the Queensgate Series NanoSensors and our DPT-D and DPT-E ranges of Digital Piezo Actuators are widely used in Synchrotrons and Beamline applications.

NX/NZ NanoSensors

The NX/NZ non-contact position measuring systems are based on the principle of capacitance micrometry with superior resolution and stability performance.

Two sensor plates (the target sensor and probe sensor) form a parallel plate capacitor driven at RF. The distance between these two plates can be measured to better than 0.1 nm resolution and with linearity of up to 0.02 % before electronic compensation.

They are available for ranges from 20 microns to 15 mm in a variety of materials including Aluminium, Super Invar and Gold on Zerodur for the most demanding applications.

The Digital Piezo Translators (DPT)

The DPT are a complete family of preloaded closed loop, piezoelectric actuators which are equipped with Queensgate non- contact, state-of-the-art capacitive sensors. This guarantees ultimate positioning performance.

Their super Invar construction provides high thermal stability and low drift.

The New DPT-D & -E series of of actuators offer up to 120μm displacement and 3,500 N blocking force with an exceptional repeatability of less than 0.5 nm.

The DPT-E range of actuators offer a low voltage size for size replacement for our existing DPT-C users.

Queensgate offers an extensive choice of accessories interfaces and UVAC compatible options. Over 70% of our sales are custom solutions of performance- critical components.