Wafer Z Stage

Drawings and Documents

Millisecond response times and high bandwidth make the WP-Z-120A wafer positioning system ideal for applications where high throughput is essential. The stage is designed to hold 300 mm (12″) wafers and delivers exceptional performance with loads of up to 8 kg suitable for heavy wafer chucks.

The stage uses capacitive positioning sensors to provide nanometer displacement measurement and closed-loop feedback. Flexure guidance offers friction-free, reliable motion over 120 μm closed loop range and achieves fast response and settle times with Queensgate’s digital closed-loop controllers.

  • Wafer and mask inspection
  • Electron microscopes SEM/TEM
  • Interferometry and metrology
  • Microscopy
  • Materials inspection
  • Mirror positioning


  • Vacuum (HV) compatible version ideal for use in a vacuum chamber of an electron microscope
  • Ultra high vacuum (UHV) and UHV-RAD rad hard versions with low outgassing Kapton cabling
  • High load custom version for use up to 14 kg
  • Tip tilt Z custom version for platform levelling and scanning
  • 160 μm extended range
  • 200 mm wafer
  • Adaptor plate for use with Prior Scientific stage H112