Four Slide Holder – PLW110 (wellplate format)


W4416 Four Slide Holder designed for inverted microscopes. The W4416 is sold in packages of 10 – please use part number PLW110 (10 pack of W4416 holders) when ordering.

Maximum accepted slide dimensions: 76.5mm x 27mm x 1.1mm

Minimum accepted slide dimensions: 75.2mm x 25mm x 0.9mm

Material: Black polycarbonate

• Compatible with most standard 1” x 3” glass microscope slides
• Fits in standard well plate/microtiter format
• Compatible with robotic well plate movers
• Designed to work with most microscope stages (inverted)
• Allows four slides to be placed into well plate scanning/imaging instruments
• Lightweight, low cost and easy to load
• Holds securely but still allows a large area of slide to be viewed
• Made of durable black polycarbonate