OpenStand Electrophysiology Solution

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The OpenStand® is a fully configurable, motorized optical stand that when combined with your optics and accessories creates a complete optical microscope for your optogenetics, physiology, electrophysiology, neuroscience and general imaging applications. The unit has a compact modular design with 100mm of motorized Z travel and a generic light input for most light guide compatible illuminators. As one core component in Prior’s complete line of physiology products the OpenStand® features:

Modular Open Design:
■ Uses existing optics
■ Basic Unit: reflected light only, flange mount
■ Available transmitted light module
■ Accepts light guide input, for use with LED,
metal halide, halogen and other light guide
compatible illumination sources
■ Compatible with Prior’s complete line of
physiology products

Compact design leaves plenty of room for:
■ Manipulators
■ Prior platform stages
■ In vivo experimentation devices

Motorized focus control with 100 mm of travel:
■ From thin prepared samples to whole animal
in-vivo imaging
■ Digipots for ultra fine Z and optional XY positioning
■ Zero current mode eliminates recording noise
■ Fast up/down mode for quick focus adjustment
The OpenStand® is designed for today’s research with
the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s technology.

  • Large 200mm throat depth
  • Large focus travel simplifies use of dipping objectives Modular transmitted light is easily removable – maximizing room below objectives
  • 126mm of focus adjustment
  • 35mm of condenser adjustment
  • Rigid stable design
  • Easily customizable
  • Large focus travel accommodates a wide variety of samples
  • Variants available for different applications