154 x 154 mm travel flat top stepper motor stage

Fitting most upright microscopes, the H105F is part of the wide range of precisely engineered ProScan stages. With a large travel range, it can accommodate large samples including semi-conductor wafers, photo masks, and printed circuit boards, making it ideal for material science applications. Interchangeable sample holders allow the slide to be used for a wide variety of applications. With high resolution and excellent repeatability the H105F is ideal for high end, material science applications.

■ ± 0.7 μm repeatability , with the ability to store points
for later inspection and analysis.
■ <1 μm resolution possible.
■ Incorporates IST and stage mapping systems.
■ Anti-backlash mechanism with adjustable limit
■ Accepts linear encoders, further improving accuracy.
■ Controlled via the ProScan III Control System.


H105 Flat Top Stage Datasheet


H105E2F SLDASM Model
H105E2F IGES Model
H105N2F SLDASM Model
H105N2F IGES Model