154 x 154 mm travel stepper motor stage

The H105 ProScan stage from Prior Scientific offers the highest quality, precision motorized stepper stage for your upright microscope. The H105 is one of a full range of motorized stepper stages from Prior Scientific, adaptable to virtually any microscope or optical system. The H105 is especially well-suited for applications that typically involve large specimens. For example, the H105 is perfect for performing scanning of a wide range of semiconductor wafers, photo masks, printed circuit boards and can easily accommodate 6” wafers. A variety of sample holders are available and stage inserts can be customized for any application.

■ Optional 100nm linear scales provide the highest precision available.
■ Minimum step size (resolution) of the stage is 0.04 microns.
■ Stages customized to fit any upright microscope or optical system.
■ Closed loop capability with optional rotary or linear encoders.
■ Controlled via the ProScan III Control System.



H105 Stage Datasheet


H105/2 SLDASM Model
H105/2 IGES Model