Supply chain disruption and precision microscope automation systems

Posted in Oct 26th 2022

Supply chain

Shorten your lead-times with our fast-track delivery service 

Prior’s fast-track service for microscope automation and nanopositioning systems is designed to minimise supply chain disruption and reduce lead-times. 

Our business is to deliver reliable microscope automation to our world-wide customers, who rely on us as a key supplier to ensure their end-users get the products they need on time. We all understand how hard supply chains have been hit during the last few years, with many manufacturers coming under stress.  

It’s not just frustrating when orders are delayed because a single, key component is not available. It has a huge impact not just on sales figures, but on companies’ reputations.  

As a supplier, we have taken a number of important measures to ensure that we can continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the shortest possible lead-times. 

Fast-track delivery of microscope automation and nanopositioning products 

We have long held policies to protect the integrity of our supply chain.  For example, we use multiple sources of supply, maintain availability of alternative components and, wherever possible, work closely with local suppliers of specialized parts and sub-assemblies, rather than companies at the end of extended and fragile distribution routes.  

This approach ensures that we can reduce our lead-times, especially for standardised and certain custom-engineered products, to a minimum; indeed, we now offer a fast-track service that is designed to deliver a range of imaging automation products, as well as nanopositioning instruments and piezo focus devices, to customers within just a few weeks – this compares with lead-times of many months that are often quoted by competing suppliers of specialized scientific motion, positioning and optical products. 

Almost 50 key products are available as fast-track items with a four to six week lead time, including: 

Our goal is to help all our customers by offering security of supply, together with short lead-times that enable them to plan their production, research, and in the case of OEMs, manufacturing processes accurately. 

In a world of increasing uncertainty, we aim to provide the products and services that give every one of our customers the certainty they need to become even more successful. 

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