Prior Scientific – Your Manufacturing and Development Partner

Posted in OEM and custom solutions Jun 10th 2021

Prior Scientific - Your Manufacturing and Development Partner

So, you’ve developed a great new product concept in your lab and now it’s time to develop that product and bring it to market.  You need an optical system, but you don’t want your product to look like a standard off the shelf microscope. Your product also requires automation and optics, but you only want to pay for the features that you need.  Your expertise is in life science, optics, or clinical chemistry and you may not have the in-house experience or bandwidth to design and build your custom optical system.  What do you do?

One common option is going to a big consulting firm and getting a great design, but it will cost you.  In the end, they will hand you a few prototypes and the drawings and then you still have to figure out how to scale up and manufacture it.  This is where Prior Scientific can help you.  Prior is a fully integrated precision manufacturing company with a large design and development staff.  We work with you and your engineers to design and manufacture exactly what you want. We have you covered from your proof of concept to the final product you are bringing to market. We charge a fraction of the cost of the consulting firms for the design and development work as our goal is to be a long-term manufacturing partner.  We have been doing this for many years and have long term partnerships with many of the world’s leading instrumentation companies.  We have also partnered up with many small, developing companies to allow them to stick with what they do best and leave the optical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical manufacturing to Prior Scientific.

With a diverse product portfolio and over a century of experience, we have the ability to design, manufacture and test the exact system you are looking and do it all from one trusted source. As we say, it’s our goal to develop long-term relationships.  On the automation side, Prior has a variety of products that do the following:

Microscope and Optical System Automation:
Microscope and Optical System Automation:

Motorized stages

Nosepieces – motorized and manual

Motorized filter turret

Laser autofocus

Slide and well plate loading

Precision Focus (Z)

High speed Piezo nano-positioning

Optical Systems:

Phase and DIC

Brightfield (transmitted and reflective)



LED or metal halide illumination

Our new OpenStand custom microscope and optical system product line takes advantage of all of this automation and optical design and allows you to get something in your hands very quickly to be able to write your drivers and validate your system.  We can also do this while we are working on a custom configuration for you.  Our open source software makes it easy to drive our components in any way that works for you.


Prior also takes the risk out of product obsolescence.  If your product is based on a standard, commercial microscope, the product can change every few years and you may be scrambling to re-design your system when that microscope changes.  Prior insures product continuation with your own custom microscope tailored to your exact specifications. As a fully certified ISO 9000-2016 manufacturer, our expertise is in small batch quantities to hundreds of units per year. We understand life science, metrology, and inspection and we are here to assist you every step of the way from concept to completion!

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