How to get your new scientific instruments to market faster

Posted in OEM and custom solutionsOpenStand Nov 9th 2022

How to get your new scientific instruments to market faster

The advantages of our OpenStand Service 

We’re living in a fast-moving world.  The rate at which new ideas and technologies rise and fall, our always-on digital society, the ability to access information instantly and order products and services overnight, are combining to change our perception of what’s possible. 

These factors impact us at home and at work.  In the workplace, they are influencing our expectation of the services we receive from our suppliers.  They are also changing the way we think about product development cycles and the speed with which new products can be brought to market.   

This is true across all sectors of industry, from automotive and aerospace, to the design, development and manufacture of specialised or custom-engineered scientific instrumentation and systems. 

The need for speed 

At Prior Scientific we have found that many of our customers, both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and systems integrators, need to reduce their time to market as much as possible, without compromising quality, reliability or performance. 

We’ve therefore developed two specific service offerings for our standard and customized precision microscope automation and nanopositioning devices, including sensors, stages, control electronics and software.  

For selected standard products we have a fast-track service, which reduces lead-times to just a few weeks; to put this into perspective, most suppliers normally quote lead-times of several months, so our fast-track service can get you up and running much more quickly and efficiently. 

Customised microscope systems 

We also offer our OpenStand System for OEMs and system integrators that often require microscope and optical systems with high degrees of customization.  This provides access to our entire range of advanced motion, automation and optical technologies, making it ideal for start-ups, new research, scientific and precision manufacturing projects, or modifications to existing microscope systems. 

Unlike solutions from other suppliers, where customization is normally only available if the production volumes are sufficiently high, our OpenStand service provides a working development platform on which you can build fully customized prototypes and low-volume microscope systems at extremely competitive costs. 

Our automation and nanopositioning experts work alongside your research and development team, providing specialized skills, experience and engineering resources.  We can help with modelling and testing, allowing you to refine your ideas and concepts, while evaluating factors such as component compatibility and suitability for manufacture.  We then work with you to define the optimum specification that meets your exact technical and commercial requirements, and can subsequently provide full high and low volume manufacturing capabilities.   

By giving you access to our specialized design and engineering resources, the OpenStand service lets you focus on your core skills, while we handle the microscope automation or nanopositioning aspects of each project, creating an extremely efficient and cost-effective partnership.  Just as importantly, OpenStand will play a key role in helping you reduce time to market at a specific price-point, allowing you to capitalise on new sales opportunities faster and more profitably. 

Learn more about our OpenStand Service 

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