Prior Scientific自豪地宣布推出新的pureFocus 850,这是一款革命性的生物和工业成像自动对焦系统。pureFocus850是一款快速、精确和准确的聚焦系统,其设计目的是使用无限校正光学装置来适应正置和倒置显微镜。当其他系统出现故障时,pureFocus850能够精确、始终聚焦在您的样本上。

Prior Scientific Introduces the NanoScan NPC-D-6000 Series Multi Channel Controllers

Rockland, MA. (January 31, 2019) – Prior Scientific are pleased to announce the release of our Queensgate NanoScan NPC-D-6000 Series Multi-Channel Closed Loop Controllers. Both the single and multi-channel digital nanopositioning controllers are designed to operate in a closed loop feedback mode with stages or actuators incorporating capacitive position sensors. The controllers deliver: Low noise […]

Prior Scientific庆祝公司成立100周年

Prior Scientific庆祝公司成立100周年

1919年创立的Prior Scientific于今年迎来公司成立100周年,在当今商业环境中这是非常罕见的成就。

“这是令公司的自豪时刻,证明了我们与时俱进。我们期待未来的100年并迎来的更好的发展前景,“Prior Scientific首席执行官Thomas Freda说,“现在的Prior是与100年,50年甚至10年前非常不同的公司。我们已从教学显微镜制造商发展成为提供精密定位设备,光机械设备和定制设计OEM产品的值得信赖的生产商和供应商。”

Halloween Charity Day at Prior Scientific

There was some spooky activity at Prior Scientific on Wednesday 31st October 2018, as staff dressed up for our Prior Scientific charity event to help raised money for the Arthur Rank Hospice, Cambridge. Cakes, biscuits and sweets were on offer in our canteen to raise further money throughout the day. A total of £115 was raised […]

Prior Scientific exhibits at JASIS Japan 2018

Prior Scientific recently exhibited at JASIS Japan 2018. The meaning of JASIS includes the motto ‘from Japan’ signifying the passion for contributing to the development of science and technology worldwide. Created from the joining of two shows JAMIA EXPO & SIS in 2012. JASIS (Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show) continues to grow year on […]

Prior Scientific Chariots of Fire 2018 Update

With the sun shining and a turn out of more than 1,750 people it was the perfect day for racing in this years Chariots of Fire 2018. The event has been running for over 25 years and raised over £1 million, originally starting out with 27 teams but at this years event there was over […]

Prior Scientific ready for the Chariots of Fire 2018

Two teams from Prior Scientific are set to race in this years Chariots Of Fire event on Sunday 16th September 2018. The charity race which started in 1992 and has seen roughly 38,000 runners racing against each other in teams over the years. This years 1.7 mile course will take place through the grounds of […]

Prior Scientific宣布在中国新开设办事处

Prior Scientific今天宣布在中国苏州开设的新办事处正式开始运营。作为设计并制造精密定位设备、光学系统、自动化解决方案和组件的世界领先企业,Prior Scientific将为中国市场提供本地化的销售和技术支持业务。

首席执行官Tom Freda表示:“新办事处在中国的开业标志着Prior令人骄傲的历史中的又一个里程碑。这个新办事处将使我们能够在中国地区开展业务,让我们可以更加密切地支持我们的客户。“

Queensgate Instruments has been acquired by Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd

Prior Scientific Instruments are global leaders in delivering high precision motorized stages, microscope automation products and specialty opto-mechanical automation systems. Queensgate instruments designs and produces leading performance nano positioning and measurement systems used in a wide range of applications from atomic force microscopy, hard disc testing, lithography and metrology. Both companies have significant experience delivering customised solutions […]

Prior Scientific推出新网站

Prior Scientific推出新网站 马萨诸塞州,罗克兰(2017年12月11日) – Prior Scientific隆重发布了其新设计的网站。作为精密定位设备、光学系统、自动化解决方案及组件设计与制造的全球领导者,我们进行了全面的品牌形象重塑。我们专注于从单个组件到整个系统的“端到端”设计,包括显微镜自动化、OEM解决方案和精密组件。作为值得所有科学仪器公司信赖的全球供应商,Prior Scientific可以最大限度地提高您的投资回报率,同时最大限度地降低设计和原型研发的前期成本。 新网站采用用户友好型导航,完善了功能性,提供更加丰富的内容以及整洁美观的页面设计。该网站将持续更新产品发布、业务活动、公司要闻与事件等内容。最重要的是,Prior Scientific致力于为客户提供最高水平的行业服务。您将了解我们如何按照您的个性化需求创建高性价比的定制/OEM解决方案。 Prior Scientific是显微镜自动化设备的领先制造商,包括高精度电动显微镜载物台、自动玻片和平板装载机、LED和金属卤化物荧光照明器、压电Z载物台、电动滤光片转盘、高速光阑、定制和OEM机电和光学系统。为了在各个领域内为研究人员开发创新型产品,Prior Scientific与多家科学设备制造商保持着紧密合作。欲了解更多有关实际应用、显微镜平台优化或相关附件的OEM开发信息,请联系Prior Scientific Inc.:电话800-877-2234 / 传真781-878-8736 / 写信致80 Reservoir Park Drive, Rockland, MA. 02370,Prior Scientific公司 / 发送电子邮件至 / 访问我们的网站。