uM Series Micromanipulators


The new state of the art triple axis ultraprecise uM series of micromanipulators offer zero drift solid state drive with integrated closed loop controls to provide the most state of the art systems available today. The uM series is a compact plug-and-play system with unlimited scalability. With an impressive 20mm range with 5 nanometer resolution and 100 nanometer repeatability, the uM series also offers an easy to use electrode exchange mechanism for added versatilty.

The Rotary Wheel Remote Interface is available in a four knob version for 4th virtual or physical axis. The remote interface offers quick buttons for speed and manipulator selections and a USB connector to Touch Screen Controller.

The Touch Screen Controller is ergonomically designed with an intuitive user interface with touch screen display with an easy speed adjustment and manipulator selection. The controller offers programmable memory positions and millisecond level control synchrony between manipulators. Fast computer interface through Ethernet and open source SDK and development community are also standard features.

For the most advanced micromanipulation system available – choose the uM series from Sensapex and Prior Scientific!

Positioning range 20×20×20 mm3 (X / Y / Z)
Step resolution 5 nm
Max. speed 5 mm/s
Load 0 – 150 g
True approach angle 0 – 45 | 90 degrees*
Dimensions 39×93×101 mm
Table Mounting Bolt

Compact plug-and-play systems with unlimited scalability

Zero drift solid-state drives with integrated closed-loop control

Triple and quad axis manipulators

Easy to use electrode exchange mechanisms

Millisecond level synchrony for automated positioning

Intuitive user interface with touch screen dispay

Proprietary piezo drives provide extreme stability

Ethernet PC control interface with free open source software

Integrates seamlessly with Prior ZDeck Quick Adjust Platforms and HZP Series Adjustable Rigid Post Mounts

Programmable memory positions

Open source SDK & development community