NanoScan NPC-D-6000 Series Multi-channel Closed Loop Controllers

Drawings and Documents

The NanoScan NPC-D-6000 Series are multi-channel nanopositioning controllers designed specifically to control Queensgate Stage Mechanisms and Actuators with picometre positioning resolutions.

Using state of the art digital signal processing technology the NPC-D-6000 series combine piezo drive amplifiers, capacitance position sensing circuitry and servo control capability.

The controllers deliver:

  • Low noise
  • Low drift
  • High power
  • High resolution

Fast position update rates contribute to high speed positioning accuracy for dynamic applications that require high speed movement of the stage.

The controllers support plug and play nanomechanisms allowing interchangeability of electronics with minimal change in performance.

General Specifications
• Closed loop controller with open loop operating mode. Capacitance sensor measurement circuitry for precision closed loop operation.
• Digital signal processing with 24 bit data resolution. Fast 20µs control loop update.
• 4th order linearization algorithm for high positional accuracy.
• Supports Plug and Play NanoMechanisms. The calibration and dynamic settings are held in the stage EEPROM allowing controllers to be interchanged with minimal impact on performance.
• Two notch filters for tuning to meet specific application requirements, reducing noise and preventing stage ringing.
• The low noise design allows stage position noise as low as a few tens of picometres. Delivering a stable system with repeatability of movement, precision and accuracy for precise imaging and focusing.
• Dynamic high-power output NanoMechanism drive with 20 bit resolution.
• Optimized acceleration/deceleration contribute to high speed positioning applications by reducing overshoot and settle time.
• Soft-start/stop technology protects loads and increases piezo life.