Nanopositioning Piezo Fine Focus Stage (400um travel)


Specifically designed for researchers utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging, the NanoScanZ 400 works with either multi well plates, 50mm/ 35mm petri dishes or standard microscope slides. With 2.5 nanometer repeatability and closed loop control incorporating a sub angstrom resolution piezo resistive sensor. The NanoScanZ 400 optimizes the speed of the latest digital cameras and accomplishes in milliseconds what used to take seconds for conventional rotary drives.

Range of Motion 400um
Repeatability 1nm
Accuracy/Linearity 0.5% of Travel
Maximum Load 500g (contact Prior for larger loads)
Operating Temp Range 5 to 50°C
Stage Control Input Analogue (0-10 Volt DC) , USB , RS232 from ProScan Controller
  • 400µm stage travel range
  • Best repeatability of one nanometer
  • Accuracy/Linearity of 0.5% of travel
  • Maximum load of 500 grams
  • Stage control via analog (0-10 VDC) USB and RS232
  • Output-Position signal 0.0-10.0V